How to choose a therapist

A number of different psychotherapists, counsellors and body therapists work from Homa. We all have our own areas of interest and experience. You can look at each therapist’s individual profile to find out more about them and to choose the right therapist for you.

Click any of the images below to view their individual profiles.

If you are unsure who to choose, you can contact our referrals team who will help you find the right therapist to work with.

You can call or message the referrals team on 07730 377566.

How to choose the right therapist

All the research shows that the relationship between the therapist and client determines the successful outcome of the therapy. It is the quality of relationship not the type of therapy that makes the difference. It is therefore worth taking your time to find the right therapist to work with.

You can talk to several therapists or have initial appointments with more than one before deciding who to work with. You can find out more about the therapist during the initial session, including experiencing how they work. After the initial session you can decide whether they are a good fit for you. Take your time, finding the right therapist makes all the difference.

Whatever is bringing you to therapy right now, find out more about how therapy can help 

Still unsure how to choose?

If you are still unsure which therapist would be a good fit for you, you are very welcome to email our referrals coordinator Izzy Pope at  or call her on 07730 377566 and she will get in touch. You can have an informal chat with her and she will help you find the therapist who is best suited to your needs.

As therapists we know the importance of finding the right person to work with, someone who has the experience, training and areas of particular interest which are the right match for you. We are committed to helping you find the right therapist to work with. Please feel free to get in touch if you would like some guidance and support to find the right therapist for you.