Traumatic events can take place at any age and can have have long-lasting effects. Everyone is impacted differently by the experience of trauma, which can show up in our lives as depression, anxiety, isolation, rage, addiction or feelings of hopelessness (and more). We tend to think of trauma as caused by one major incident in our lives and this can sometimes be the case. We can also be traumatised by repeated exposure to abusive or bullying behaviours, both physical or emotional (as defined by Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder). Traumatic memories which arise in the body and the mind can leave us feeling unable to cope with the challenges of every day life.

How therapy can help with trauma

Homa therapists are skilled listeners and will be your ally as you process and understand the trauma you have experienced, at your own pace. Sometimes working through traumatic experiences in this way, enables us to recognise our capacity for resilience, without which we would not have survived. Working through the traumatic experiences we have lived through, with the holding of a supportive therapist can help us reconnect with our inner wisdom and strength and grow in ways that can often surprise us.

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