Anxiety and panic attacks

Anxiety and worry are a normal reaction to stressful situations. Our bodies are set up with a nervous system designed to detect danger and do one of four things – fight, freeze, fawn or flee. For many people, the danger is created by their own creative mind. The more creative we are, often, the better we are at imagining paralysing what ifs. These what if thoughts lead us to dread social situations, paralyse our creativity, disturb our sleep, and make us doubt our ability to make the most simple decisions.

The most tricky thing about anxiety is working out when to ignore it and when to pay attention to it. If we ignore our anxiety, it often worsens and can build into panic attacks. If we give in to it, we can find that it will quickly limit where we go, what we do, and how we spend our time.

How therapy can help with anxiety

Therapy can be an important step towards discovering how to tread that fine line. Homa therapists take a practical and physical approach to anxiety as well as exploring any deeper issues. Our therapists may invite you to explore your thinking and show you how to unhook yourself from the relentless and often scary messages that your inner critic has for you.

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