Gender and sexual identity

Are you questioning your gender or sexual identity? Do you need a confidential space to explore and process your thoughts and feelings? Or perhaps you are clear and confident about your gender or sexual identity and are dealing with the impact of the attitudes and prejudices of family, friends, work colleagues or society. Being true to yourself and stepping into who you are can be personally challenging in many ways and can also elicit responses in others which are challenging to deal with.

How therapy can help you with challenges around gender and sexual identity

At Homa we aim to provide high quality therapy for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, gender fluid, and gender neural clients. We welcome clients of diverse sexualities, genders and identities. Working with a therapist provides a space for you to understand yourself, to explore ways of managing the challenges and stresses of exploring questions of gender and sexuality, a place where you can be seen, supported and affirmed.

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