Body image

Body image

We learn to hunger for the elusive, perfect body and the ideal diet. This dream can shape our entire lives; the way we eat, the way we dress, the way we move, our self esteem and mental health, our relationships, our jobs and our leisure time. We can put so much of our lives on hold because we don’t feel good about the way we look.

How therapy can help with body image

Homa therapists who specialise in working with body image practice an anti-diet and body neutral approach. Body image therapy can guide you to re-learn to trust yourself and your body. A therapist specialising in body image can empower you to rebuild the knowledge and trust we are all born with. You will unlearn all the destructive diet beliefs and behaviours, so that you can listen to yourself and your body.

What body size is healthy?

Homa therapists who specialise in body image do not make claims about what defines a healthy weight or healthy diet. This is in line with Health at Every Size and iWeigh. They do not suggest that everyone is healthy at every size, nor that every size is equally healthy. We support a weight and body neutral and inclusive approach to overall good health and wellbeing. The goal is for you to live with a greater sense of peace in your body and your relationship with food.

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