Friendship Therapy

Friendship Therapy

Friendships can be some of our most important relationships. We can come to depend on our friends for so much in our lives; support, company, understanding, fun and more. So when a friendship breaks down, this can lead to a great deal of pain and loss. Working through difficulties does not have to be limited to romantic or family relationships. Our closest friends can provide some of our most meaningful and fulfilling relationships and we don’t have to give up or walk away.

How therapy can help with friendships

Just as with couples therapy, friendship therapy can provide a confidential and supportive space to talk through the difficulties. Our experienced and skilled Homa therapists can provide you with the understanding and tools to better listen, understand and communicate with each other, so that your friendship can withstand the difficulties that sometimes get in the way. For example when one of you moves away, or starts a long term romantic relationship or communication breaks down. Taking the time and care to nurture our friendships has many benefits. All the evidence shows that people with strong friendships and community are more resilient and fulfilled.

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