Teenagers and young adults

It can be a challenging time to be a young person, dealing with issues relating to study, work, self esteem, relationships, sexuality, politics and the environment to name just a few. It is not always possible or easy to talk to friends, parents or family about your struggles. You may feel that they won’t understand or that they will worry about you, which may increase your feelings of guilt and will add to your worries.

How therapy can help teenagers and young adults

Therapy can provide a supportive, confidential place to talk about your struggles, your questions and your feelings with someone who has no agenda or expectations. Your therapist will provide a place for you to understand (and offload!) the difficulties that come hand in hand with this age and stage of life.

Seeing a therapist can give you the confidence to name your worries, fears and concerns and will provide you with simple tools to feel more in charge of your life. With this stronger sense of self, comes the ability to say yes to more of the things that truly satisfy you and no to the things that undermine you.

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