Shoshana Goldberg

Humanistic integrative therapist

Humanistic integrative therapist 
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Therapy is about taking time to engage with the things that matter most to you. An open, honest dialogue that isn’t easy or possible to have elsewhere. A place not to feel alone and stuck in old, unhelpful ways of thinking and behaving. A confidential place to explore what it feels like to be you, why you feel the way you do and how you might hope to feel and live differently.

Before becoming a humanistic therapist and counsellor, I spent many years working as a journalist and editor on national newspapers and magazines. I am also a mother of grown-up children.

Psychotherapy with Shoshana

Trying to find the right help, especially when you know something really needs to shift, can feel overwhelming and a bit scary. After all, you’re essentially trying to find the right person to have some very personal conversations with.

An informal chat is usually the easiest way to find out if I might be the right therapist for you. We can talk on the phone or online, whichever you prefer, for 15 minutes or so which I don’t charge for, so you can get a sense of me, ask any questions and talk through what you would like to get from therapy. We can then arrange an introductory session and, if it feels like a good fit and the beginning of a helpful conversation, we’ll book a set of sessions. We can review at regular intervals to make sure you’re getting what you want from our work.

If we decide to work together, I’ll provide a safe place for you to bring whatever it is you feel needs attention. We’ll have an ongoing, focused and purposeful conversation that gets to the heart of the matter. To explore together what’s working and what’s not, make sense of why and experiment with something new.

Our need to connect and be understood is fundamental and at the heart of what makes us human. Feeling truly heard, accepted and valued in all our complicated humanity is what nurtures positive change in us all. It’s the beginning of feeling less conflicted and disconnected from ourselves and others, and builds a sense of agency to live in a way that feels right for us and who we want to be. Towards a more peaceful, self-referential and satisfying way of living. These core beliefs are at the heart of my practice.

Who I work with

All kinds of people come to work with me for all sorts of reasons. It can be wanting help to manage a transition, challenging life event or crisis. Or to address painful unprocessed trauma or loss. Sometimes it’s about finding feelings overwhelming and hard to manage. It’s often about relationships. Whether that’s difficulty in having satisfying relationships with others, wanting to create a happier family or yearning for a more peaceful and supportive relationship with themselves. I also work with people who are not in crisis but want to be supported to realise their hopes and ambitions and live a life that feels more meaningful, joyful and aligned with their true values.

I often work with people who have a sense of being outside the cultural mainstream for all manner of reasons. I welcome difference and diversity in my practice and work with adults of all ages (16+) from a broad range of social backgrounds.

My work is trauma-informed and some of the issues I have extensive experience working with include: dealing with change; anxiety and depression; identity, sexuality and relationship issues; trauma, often complex; neglect and abuse; addiction; loneliness; anger; dissociation; loss and grief; suicidal ideation.

In addition to my private practice in Clerkenwell, I work with the mental health charity Mind, offering short-term therapy to people within the local community.

My training and how I work

Before you begin opening up what’s troubling you, it’s important to know your therapist is qualified to help. 

I completed an intensive, experiential five-year training in Humanistic Psychotherapy at Spectrum, a leading centre for the teaching and practice of Humanistic Psychology, and a UKCP accredited organisation. I also hold an Advanced Diploma in Humanistic and Integrative Counselling from CPPD Counselling School (BACP Accredited).

Ongoing supervision supports me in my clinical practice, and I am committed to my professional development. I am a registered member of the BACP and am bound by its Ethical Framework for Good Practice in Counselling and Psychotherapy.

I draw on psychoanalytic object relations and attachment theories which inform my client-led, existential and humanistic approach. Incorporating Gestalt, somatic (body) work and psychoeducation helps tailor my practice to meet the specific needs of each client. Working integratively allows me flexibility. To respond to where the work is most fertile for each unique person in that moment – whether that’s in experiences of childhood, noticing patterns in past and current relationships, or in the feelings being experienced in the ‘here and now’.


For a 50-minute individual session, I charge from £75-100 depending on your ability to pay. I also have limited availability for concessions at £55 to those not working and on low income. My low-cost places are currently full but feel free to inquire as this can change.


You are welcome to get in touch via phone or email.

07816 600171