Veronique Christie

Psychodynamic Counsellor MBACP


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I am a qualified psychodynamic practitioner whose aim is to listen with empathy. My approach is to help clients express feelings and thoughts within an open non-judgemental environment.

Counselling with Veronique

An initial, in person assessment session allows both client and therapist to see if we are a good fit and gives you the opportunity to begin talking about what brings you to counselling now. 

My aim is to provide a safe, confidential, and therapeutic space for you to share any past and present experiences that may be impacting in the present. A space that allows for the client to feel heard and feel able to express any feelings, worries or concerns they may have not felt able to talk about before.

I usually undertake my work on a long-time basis, however, I do not aim to prescribe or dictate how many sessions you might require. I will be checking in with you along the way on how you feel sessions are going. Keeping channels of communication open between us allows for openness and clarity.

I provide a service for a broad and diverse spectrum of clients from 16+ and differing backgrounds. Oftentimes clients from a different cultural background who feel they have not found the right kind of therapist for them. And to feel able to share the kind of experiences the encounter in daily life. 

Training and Qualifications

I have gained certificates in counselling practice and theory. My accredited psychodynamic counselling diploma was gained at The Highgate Counselling Centre. I continue to work on developing my practice with a commitment to continued development, to keep up to date with changes within the sphere of my work.

I have been working with a diverse client base in private practice since 2014. Since 2010 I was in training and a voluntary counsellor for two years at the Highgate Counselling Centre where I undertook my diploma and further training.  I have worked on a voluntary basis with ICAP services and within my local community in and around North London. 

The kind is service I offer is usually undertaken long-term as a good rapport between client and therapist needs time to grow and evolve over a good amount of time. 

You can come to counselling for any number of issues that may be affecting you such as:

  • Stress
  • Anxiety
  • Relationship issues. separation and divorce
  • Loss, miscarriage; IVF
  • Domestic violence
  • Depression
  • Low self-esteem
  • Families affected by alcohol addiction (amongst others)

I also have experience in the media field, working within commercial organisations where I provide tailored counselling for staff who work in the film, TV, theatre, media and entertainment industries. Helping with a variety of issues that come from a highly pressured and ever-changing environment. I can also offer one to one, tailored life-coaching sessions in person or online.


Initial assessment session £85 and the same thereafter.


Once a session time has been agreed and confirmed this time is yours. Unfortunately, non-attendance will be charged at the full rate for any missed sessions. I will give notice of any breaks ahead of time. 


Please contact me on my email address: or visit my website: which gives further insight into my therapeutic practice and method of working with clients. 

I appreciate that seeking out therapy can feel daunting and overwhelming to navigate, therefore I offer an initial introductory phone call that will last around 20 minutes and allows you to get a feeling for the type of counselling therapy I offer and where I will endeavour to answer any questions you may have. I aim to get back to your enquiry with 72 hours.