What brings you to therapy right now?

Therapy can help, whatever you want to explore in therapy.  People come to therapy for all sorts of reasons. Maybe you  find yourself struggling with one aspect of your life in particular, or you might be looking for a greater sense meaning or purpose in your life in general.

Homa therapists offer one to one therapy in person and online. Some therapists also run groups and workshops on a variety of topics. Whatever you are looking for, therapy can help.

Whatever you are looking for, all of you is welcome, just as you are.

Below you will find some of the issues that people bring to therapy. This is not an exhaustive list. If you would like to find out more about Homa therapists, and their specific areas of interest, you can take a look their profiles here.

For a comprehensive list of all the life experiences, traumas and issues that therapy can help with, you can visit the BACP website.


Coping with stress, pain and trauma can sometimes feel impossible.

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If it sometimes feels like your anger controls you and it is causing pain to you and others...

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Anxiety and panic attacks

Anxiety and worry are a normal reaction to stressful situations.

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Bereavement, grief & loss

Coping with the waves of emotion, the strong feelings of sadness, fear or anger.

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Boarding school

For some people, boarding school was a positive, even life saving experience. For others it was a very difficult, often traumatic experience.

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Body image

We learn to hunger for the elusive, perfect body and the ideal diet.

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Childhood abuse

Children can be the victims of sexual abuse, emotional abuse and physical abuse.

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Everyone occasionally feels blue or sad but more persistent feelings of depression can interfere with daily life and our capacity to feel any joy.

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Couples therapy & coaching

Being in a relationship can be full of joys and can other times feels like a minefield of challenges.

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Eating disorders

Whether you have a diagnosed eating disorder or you struggle with disordered eating

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Therapy can help

It can be easier to talk to someone who is not part of your life than to fiends or family.

A trained counsellor or psychotherapist will listen to you and guide you to find your own answers. Importantly a therapist will listen without judging you. 

During your therapy session there is time for you to express whatever you need to. Therefore you can talk, cry, express frustration, sadness, fear or take time to think. The time is yours and you and your therapist will work together so that you get what you came for.

Therapy is an opportunity to look at your struggles in a different way and to explore different perspectives.

Most Homa therapists prefer to see clients face-to-face, and equally most of them also offer appointments online or on the phone. You can find information about how each therapist works on their profile.

Although there are different types of talking therapy, the relationship with your therapist is generally more important than the approach they use.