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I am an approachable, dynamic, warm Person Centred psychotherapist. I believe that given the right set of conditions as human beings, we cannot help but move towards reaching our full potential. Working together in a therapeutic relationship we will create a space where you will meet yourself in a unique way, at a pace that works for you, allowing you to explore the habitual patterns, beliefs and behaviours that hold you back from being fully who you are. I have over twenty years of experience in leading personal development and group work.

Psychotherapy with Ben

I have worked in the corporate world of banking alongside being a leader in personal development and parenting work for over two decades. As a result, I am confident and comfortable working with people from all walks of life.

I am also an experienced parenting, couples and anger management coach. As a father of grown-up children, I understand only too well the challenges of being in a family. My work as a parent coach is as much about focusing on the behaviour of the child as it is looking at how we, as parents, respond, communicate and set boundaries with our children. I believe that it is only when both of these parts are worked on together that it is possible to achieve respectful and trusting relationships in the family.

Parenting and Couples

I have been working with parents, couples and men since 2008. I run an ongoing Parenting Group and a Men’s Group and I have extensive experience working with men as a leader with The Mankind Project, a worldwide organisation that supports men in their ongoing personal development. Committed to supporting young men’s personal growth, I was a trustee and key member of the team which formed JourneyMan UK.

Parent coaching sessions can be in your home to make it easier if you have young children. I work virtually on Zoom and on the telephone. I also offer walk and talk sessions on Hampstead Heath.

Psychotherapy Qualifications and Training

I began my training as a Person Centred psychotherapist in 2004 at Spectrum. At the time it was the largest centre and practice for Humanistic Psychology in Europe and a UKCP accredited organisation. I joined The Metanoia Institute in 2021 to complete my training as a Person Centred psychotherapist.

As part of my training I completed the following courses:

  • Diploma in Person Centred Psychotherapy
  • Cert 1 year course in psychotherapy (2004)
  • Cert 1 year continuation course in psychotherapy
  • Postgraduate course in psychotherapy
  • Postgraduate continuation course in psychotherapy  (2007 to 2012)
  • Spectrum Sexuality Training
  • Working with anger
  • Working with groups
Other Training and Qualifications

I am a registered member of BACP and have completed the Diploma in Person Centred Psychotherapy at The Metanoia Institute.

National Coalition Building Institute (NCBI) Workshop on Diversity and Inclusion.

Leader in The Mankind Project since 2009 – I have completed the Leader Trainings 1, 2 & 3 and Psychodrama Facilitation.

I completed the two year course at the British Association of Anger Management – BAAM (2007, 2008)


You are welcome to contact me by phone or email. I am always happy to have an informal chat on the phone if you would like to find out more about working with me.

07957 254629
Email Ben