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Self esteem and confidence

When we struggle with self esteem or self-confidence it can often feel like we are ‘less than’ others or stuck in a facade of faking confidence without really feeling it. Both experiences can be tiring and isolating. This can lead to comparing ourselves with others, feeling that we don’t belong, that we are less worthy, interesting or capable than others. Our life experiences and adversities shape us into developing survival strategies that often block our inner sense of confidence and trust in ourselves. When we don’t feel good enough, every day like can feel like an uphill struggle or a battle to hide our true feelings and to get on in the world.

How therapy can help build self esteem and self confidence

Self esteem and confidence are not innate skills that some people have and others never will. Self confidence is a skill that can be learned, practised and grown. Therapy offers a non-judgemental, confidential space to help us process our past experiences and understand how to interrupt the negative inner self-talk that interrupts our power to be fully and confidently ourselves.

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