Stress and Overwhelm

Some level of stress can be a motivator, and it can even be essential to survival. However, when stress begins to affect our every day lives and we wake up each day feeling unable to cope with all the demands ahead of us, it can undermine our emotional and physical health and can become harmful. When we struggle with the demands of work, relationships, financial pressures or other situations and feel overwhelmed, the stress can affect our bodies, thoughts, feelings and behaviour and can get in the way of living fully and experiencing joy and excitement.

How therapy can help with stress and overwhelm

While the people in our lives who love and care about us may want to help, often the fear of burdening them or worrying them with our problems can actually exacerbate our feelings of stress. Talking to someone who knows how to listen, in a confidential, non-judgemental space can help relieve stress and overwhelm. Taking the time to hear ourselves think, to unravel the challenges and stresses we are dealing with can help us find a way forward so that we can live each day with a sense of greater ease and satisfaction.

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