Couples Therapy & Coaching

Being in a relationship can be full of joy and sometimes it can feel like a minefield of challenges. Managing conflict in a relationship, dealing with our differences; different views, values, goals or aspirations can feel like an impossible task without support. Arguments see us going round in circles and hurting each other, ourselves and sometimes our children, rather than finding ways through the challenges to a resolution that feels good to all.

How can therapy and coaching can help with relationships?

A therapist or coach has no agenda, won’t take sides and will hold a confidential and non-judgemental space for you to work through the issues you are dealing with in your relationship to find a more effective, satisfying and collaborative way forward. Therapy or coaching for couples and relationships may involve looking at the dynamics between you and understand how these get in the way of living in a loving partnership as well as providing you with practical tools and skills to continue to grow and develop together.

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