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If you’re considering starting therapy, you might currently be facing a difficult time in life. Maybe what you’re struggling with is fairly distinct. Perhaps it’s related to relationships or health. Or maybe you’re living through a time of loss, of stuckness, or of feeling like things just aren’t working. Alternatively, it might be less easy to understand – you might be having trouble being yourself and expressing who you are. I work with clients to build a relationship of safety, warmth, trust and understanding, where it’s possible to talk about thoughts, feelings and perceptions that might be difficult to address, and to consider ways forward.

Psychotherapy with Oliver

As a person-centred psychotherapist, I view the work we do together as a collaborative relationship in which our focus will be on understanding what’s going on for you.

When life feels challenging it can be helpful to have a supportive companion to explore these difficulties with while you search for meaning and sense.

Since it is you who knows what hurts and what problems are crucial, you will control the process, not just in your choice of me as your therapist, but also the direction of what we work on, the depth, and the pace.

My role is not to offer advice or analysis of you and your situation. Rather I will listen carefully and respond with non-judgmental curiosity and genuine interest as you explore your experiences.

By coming to understand yourself, the situation you’re in, and your relationships better, you may find a sense of living more authentically, of perceiving your experiences more clearly, of starting to view yourself with more compassion and understanding and grow in ways that are more satisfying for you.

My training qualifications and experience

I have experience working with people from a variety of backgrounds facing unique challenges, difficulties and life experiences.

In my private practice I work face-to-face and one-to-one with adults (18 and over) on an ongoing or time-limited basis.

I hold a Clinical Diploma and an MSc in Contemporary Person-Centred Psychotherapy from the Metanoia Institute in London.

Besides my private practice, my clinical experience includes work at community-based counselling services across London where I’ve supported clients working through a wide range of issues. I also work with clients who want to use therapy as a means of personal development.

I have a particular interest in experiences of otherness, humility, migration and exile, lack of meaning and purpose, lost connections, spirituality, and creativity, and have undertaken research into the experiencing of metaphor in psychotherapy which was published in the journal Person-Centered & Experiential Psychotherapies in November 2023.

As a full clinical member of the United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy (UKCP), I follow the UKCP Code of Ethics and Professional Practice and am subject to their Complaints & Conduct Process. I also follow Metanoia’s Code of Clinical Ethics & Professional Conduct and attend regular clinical supervision and additional professional training to support me in my work.


Fees are determined on a sliding scale between £65 and £85 depending on your ability to pay. I also keep a small number of concessionary places for people on low incomes – please get in touch for details.

Introductory sessions last 50 minutes and cost £45 – if we choose not to work together this fee will not be payable.


You are welcome to contact me by email, phone call or text message. I’ll endeavour to get back to you within 24 hours to arrange an initial conversation or a first meeting.

Website: www.oliverfeldmantherapy.co.uk
Email: oliver@oliverfeldmantherapy.co.uk
Phone: 07907 447821