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I am a warm, open-minded, friendly, and thoughtful person-centred psychotherapist (UKCP trainee membership number: 2011170729) offering face-to-face sessions with adult (18+) individuals.

I work with clients on a wide range of issues, including losses of all kinds, relationship worries, questions about identity, feelings of anxiety, and low moods. However, whatever it is you bring to therapy, you’re unlikely to hear me give advice or tell you what to do. I believe that you are the expert in your own life – my job is to help you locate the resources within yourself to find the answers you need as you confront and consider the problems and challenges that are holding you back.

Psychotherapy with Oliver

Therapy is an opportunity to receive sensitive, empathic and concentrated listening, where you can discuss whatever is on your mind. The uniqueness of your experiences will be acknowledged without judgement or threat. Therapy is a place where you can have a different type of conversation, where you can explore all the problems and dilemmas of being human. It can be a place for laughter and joy, but fundamentally it’s about taking the time to dwell a while in your own experience, to ask: “am I living in a way which is deeply satisfying to me?”

It is not unusual to feel trepidation about allowing another person to witness your fears and uncertainties. If you get in touch, I’ll suggest a preliminary 45-minute session so that we get the chance to meet and get to know each other a bit. In this initial session (which I do not charge for) we’ll discuss your hopes for therapy, we’ll start identifying issues that might arise, and assess whether we want to proceed to work together.

By offering an opportunity for you to feel heard, supported, understood, and known, I believe that you’ll find your way to making more fulfilling and satisfying choices in your life and relationships.

A counselling or psychotherapy relationship is a confidential, creative, and collaborative space which people can use to find a sense of agency and connection, to know themselves better, and to reach a better understanding of their life.

The cornerstone of my practice is humility. My priority is to be alongside you at every step of the way in therapy, but not impose my own direction or agenda on the work.

If we choose to work together, I believe that an initial commitment of six sessions is a realistic place to start exploring what you want to do in therapy. Your needs might change from session to session, but during this time we can collaboratively assess whether you would like to continue. Some people find six sessions are enough for them, while others prefer a longer-term relationship.

My aim as a person-centred psychotherapist will be to listen closely, to understand empathically and accurately, and to respond with genuineness and careful attunement as your unique personal meanings emerge and evolve.

My training qualifications and experience

Prior to training as a person-centred psychotherapist I worked as an editor – first in Paris (where I lived for almost twelve years) and then here in my home town of London. The principles I learned working with writers – those of humility, curiosity, and creativity – are the same values I’ve brought to my psychotherapy work. Since 2018 I’ve worked with clients at community counselling centres in Ealing, Islington, and Berkshire, and at my own private practice which I split between Clerkenwell, Finsbury Park and Walthamstow.

I am now in the final few months of a five year MSc programme in Contemporary Person-Centred Psychotherapy at Metanoia Institute (Middlesex University) and have recently completed a dissertation based on a qualitative research project into the experience of metaphor in person-centred psychotherapy relationships. I hold a Foundation Certificate in Humanistic Counselling Skills (2017), a B.A. (Hons) in Philosophy (1999), and on top of my university-based learning, I regularly attend additional training and CPD including:

    • Diagnostic Culture (Jamies Davies / May 2022)
    • Psychosis: Better Understanding, Better Treatment (Professor Robin M. Murray / 2021)
    • The Ethical Framework (Mike Worrall / 2021)
    • Safeguarding and Child Protection (Alison Batey / 2021)
    • Interface Between Counselling & MH Services (Rachel Freeth / 2021)
    • Explorations of Privilege and Otherness (Dwight Turner / 2021)
    • Healing Power of the Story (Jan Hawkins / 2021)
    • Epigenetics (Emma Haynes / 2021)
    • Maternal Mental Illness (Emma Haynes / 2021)
    • Working with Mental Health Diagnosis (Rachel Freeth / 2021)
    • Development Trauma (Emma Haynes / 2021)
    • Trauma Basics (Emma Haynes / 2021)
    • Psychiatric Drugs (Emma Haynes / 2021)
    • Using Your Voice With Awareness (Di Hodgson / 2021)
    • Zen and the Art of Psychotherapy (Manu Bazzano / 2021)
    • A Short Guide To What Every Therapist Should Know About Working With Psychiatric Drugs (British Association for Counselling & Psychotherapy / 2020)
    • Introduction to Focussing (Suzi McKenzie / 2020)

Getting in touch 

Email: oliver@oliverfeldmantherapy.co.uk
Phone: 07907 447821