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Life can sometimes seem harder to manage than usual. Sometimes it might even become overwhelming. Maybe you’ve been feeling like you need to talk to someone, but it’s been hard to find the right person.

The experience of being listened to with sensitivity as your unique personal meanings begin to emerge – often for the first time – can be deeply empowering. As a person-centred therapist, I will be un-frightened witness to your newly revealed insights and awarenesses. In so doing, I hope to help you increase your sense of self-agency as you start to make more constructive and effective decisions about your life and relationships.

Psychotherapy with Oliver

Most research into successful therapy points to the quality of the relationship between therapist and client being the most significant factor. The person-centred approach is a relational way of working based on the belief that people have an internal directional capacity – a kind of innate wisdom – that difficult life experiences can thwart, silence or subdue. An empathic, warm, and genuine relationship can help reactivate that capacity by creating the space to explore your feelings, thoughts and behaviours in a safe and understanding environment, free from judgements or threat.

Since it is you who knows what hurts and what problems are crucial, the focus of our work together will be on your perceptions and your experiences. That means that you control the process, not just in your choice of me as your therapist, but also the direction of what we work on, the depth, and the pace. My role is not to offer advice, techniques or analysis of you and your situation, but rather to respond with compassion and understanding as you begin to reconnect with your own aspirations and instincts, and start growing in ways that are more satisfying for you.

The process of transformation experienced in therapy is often accompanied by a sense of living more authentically; increased self-esteem; a greater sense of openness and trust both for yourself and for others; a reinvigorated capacity for feeling, thinking and acting in more balanced, creative and passionate ways; increased clarity with regard to purpose and self-worth; a reduction in the distressing effects of depression, anxiety and stress; a working through of painful experiences related to disappointment, grief and loss; and more enjoyment and pleasure in everyday life.

My training qualifications and experience

I have worked at therapy centres across London, with adults from a diverse range of backgrounds facing different challenges – this includes bereavement and losses of all kinds, relationship challenges, questions concerning identity and sexuality, stress, anxiety, obsessive, intrusive or paranoid thoughts, compulsive behaviours, loneliness, low moods, depression, hearing voices, work difficulties, health related issues, post-traumatic stress, career challenges, and struggles with addiction. I also work with clients who want to use therapy as a means of personal development. I have undertaken research into the experience of metaphor in psychotherapy, and I also have a particular interest in experiences of otherness, migration and exile, lack of meaning and purpose, lost connections, spirituality, and creativity.

I hold a postgraduate Clinical Diploma from the Metanoia Institute, a leading specialist training institute for humanistically-informed psychotherapy and counselling based in Ealing, West London. I hold a BA (Hons) in philosophy from The University of Leeds and I have completed an MSc (with distinction) in Contemporary Person-Centred Psychotherapy and Applications at Metanoia/Middlesex University. I also attend regular additional training to support my ongoing professional development.

I am a full clinical member of the United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy, (UKCP), follow their Code of Ethics and Professional Practice and am subject to their Complaints & Conduct Process. I also follow Metanoia’s Code of Clinical Ethics & Professional Conduct and attend regular supervision to support me in my clinical work.


Fees are determined on a sliding scale between £50 and £80 depending on your ability to pay. I also keep a small number of concessionary places for people on low incomes – please get in touch for details.

Introductory sessions last 45 minutes and are free of charge.


You are welcome to contact me by email, phone call or text message. I’ll endeavour to get back to you within 24 hours to arrange an initial conversation or a first meeting.

Website: www.oliverfeldmantherapy.co.uk
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Phone: 07907 447821