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At Homa we offer Humanistic Psychotherapy Training. Our programme is both innovative and highly experiential. The unique four-year course starts with a foundation year. We have designed the first year to accelerate your self-development. In other words, it will take you to the edges of yourself and beyond. The next three years are equally rich and deeply practical.

We have designed a training programme aimed at developing your therapeutic skills through the practical application of humanistic theories. When you qualify, you will enter the profession with everything you need to set up a thriving practice. In addition, you will continue to be part of a supportive community of peers. The training may end after four years, however, Homa graduates can choose to stay connected with their peers through our Post-graduate Programme. You will continue to develop your skills and deepen your relationships.

We cannot be fully human, living meaningful, empowered lives, without being connected to ourselves, to each other and to the natural world. At Homa, self-awareness, embodiment, diversity and eco-therapy are fundamental aspects of the training programme. Above all, the training is rooted in traditional theories of humanistic psychotherapy.

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Foundation Year



The Foundation Year is an experiential psychotherapy programme offering you a powerful year of personal and professional exploration, enquiry and growth. This Foundation Year is the ideal way to start the process of becoming a psychotherapist. You can dip your toe in the water before you decide if you want to go on to complete the full training programme and qualify as a practitioner.

In the Foundation Year you will explore all that it means to be you and how you are in relationships, through the lens of humanistic theoretical traditions.

The Homa Training Programme (years 2-4) is open to anyone who has successfully completed the The Foundation Year.


YEARS 2 -4

The Homa Diploma Training Programme is both broad and deep. With over 740 tutor-taught hours and residential modules, it is one of the most substantial trainings available in London today, offering significantly more hours than are required to qualify as a psychotherapist. We believe that this is how long it takes for you to develop your unique qualities, skills and confidence as a practitioner.

You will learn about and practise therapeutic models such as Gestalt, Existential, Formative and Person-Centred Therapy. The training programme includes modules on sexuality, diversity and cultural competence, eco-therapy, movement and embodiment. These themes are woven into the fabric of the training as well as having their own distinct, in-depth modules.

Walk the walk with us

We are committed to making our training as accessible as we can to people who dream of becoming psychotherapists. If what you have read so far on this page resonates with you and you are curious, keen and committed, then you have what it takes to do this training. You don’t need more professional or life experience or more academic qualifications than you already have. Your commitment, alongside your curiosity and enthusiasm are welcome, as are any fears or uncertainty you might have. All of you is welcome.