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Creativity Coach &
Life Coach
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As a Creativity & Life Coach I specialise in enabling my clients, first and foremost, to transform the relationship they have with themselves; thereby manifesting a genuine confidence in who they are and how they can make a meaningful contribution to their work, peers, friends and families. I am committed to bringing compassion and creative exploration in working with the reality of each individual’s context, supporting them to let go of their ego and engage in more Play within the adult environment.

Coaching with Fariyal

I have over 20 years experience in the Learning and Development environment, coaching directors, senior leaders and managers, as well as delivering accredited coaching programmes and psychometric assessments. My clients work in a diverse range of professions, including the Creative Industries (architecture, music, TV, fashion, exhibition design, media, writing, PR and advertising), Investment Banking, Government Departments and Agencies, Law, Consulting, Health and Education.

As a Creativity & Life Coach, I am a great believer in inspiring by example, I maintain a lifelong practice of nurturing my own creative passions alongside my vocation as a coach. These include figurative painting and drawing, writing (fiction and non-fiction), dancing (flamenco and tango), and theatre design.

How I Work

I believe each of us has a longing to express our true passion and manifest a meaningful contribution to the world. Yet many of us believe it’s not possible. We subconsciously pressure ourselves to be ‘perfect’ according to others’ definitions, when this is not the truth of our experience. Embarking on a coaching programme begins with the challenge of reaching out and arranging an initial free consultation. Whether initiated by your job, career, relationship, family, friendships or health, my relationship with each client is built on confidentiality and trust. It is essential that you and I can have an honest conversation about difficult issues.

Although I have trained in several related disciplines, I do not work with any prescribed method or theory. There is already way too much information ‘out there’ on self-improvement, a vast mountain of seminars, books, blogs, podcasts, positive-thinking theories, videos, seven-step models to a successful life, etc. This endless list just adds to the many waking hours we spend focused on the mind and intellect; thinking, analysing, contemplating, criticising, strategising, measuring, and so on. Social Media is yet another paradigm shift into the mind, siphoning our time away and keeping our brains stimulated and constantly over-worked. We feel time is too short, and the pressure to be and do everything becomes an overwhelming burden that keeps us busy without the experience of joy and fulfilment and love and connection that we crave.

The real question is how much of what you read and watch and listen to do you actually act on and put into practice? When you get home at the end of the day, whether you live with your parents, partner, children, pets, or on your own, when you stop and be still with your private thoughts, how do you really feel about your life? In those moments, do you choose to engage with your doubts and fears? Do you trust it’s okay not to know who you are? Do you keep looking and questioning without forcing the answers?

My intention, as a Creativity & Life Coach, is for you to discover and harness your Creative Life Force, so that you can ‘create’ the life you truly desire. It is an extraordinary and life-changing process, and my commitment to you is for the long term, to enable you to sustain the changes you want to make. I will provide an environment of gentleness and compassion, I will encourage you to tell the truth about your experience without judgement, and I will support you to make the time and space to experiment with the reality of your situation.

The sessions will enable you to:

  • Gain awareness of the assumptions, prejudices and perceptions you have about who you think you ‘should’ be
  • Understand the mind, body and emotions holistically, and learn to listen to your ‘whole’ self in a more intuitive way
  • Give yourself permission to release the ego and have fun, to be an excited child again in an adult playground
  • Develop a willingness to apply your insights into creative actions and projects
  • Let go of past mistakes and embrace the ‘freedom’ to live a happy life NOW
Qualifications and Training
  • Diploma in Management Coaching and Mentoring (Institute of Leadership and
    Heal Your Life Workshop Leader and Coach Training (Heart Inspired Presentations)
  • MBTI Assessor Qualification (Oxford Psychologists Press)
  • Coaching Supervision (Association for Coaching)
  • Action Learning Facilitation (Institute for Leadership and Management)
  • Physical Intelligence and Authentic Leadership (Companies in Motion)
  • Introduction to Body Psychotherapy (Chiron Centre for Body Psychotherapy)
  • ITEC/CHM Diploma in Anatomy and Body Massage (College of Holistic Massage)
  • BA Hons Degree in Architecture (University of Sheffield)
  • Certificate in Art and Design Foundation (Middlesex Polytechnic)
Contact and Fees

Please get in touch to arrange a free initial consultation. Give yourself the opportunity to find out what a coaching programme can give you. This conversation is also for you to ask questions about how we will work together, so that we can begin our relationship with the confidence that I am the right coach for you.

Sessions are 90 minutes and held in person (via video call when not possible). The fee for each session is £150, when paid on a per session basis. My experience of working with individuals from all walks of life is that lasting change requires a long term commitment; hence, I offer 12 sessions for £1500, when paid in advance. During your consultation, we will agree a programme that works best for you and within the context of your life.

You can find out more about me on my website www.fariyalwallez.com OR contact me at fariyal@wallez.name or 07746 524778